Reading Range

Monthly Book Group

About Reading Range July 9, 2010

Reading Range is a book group that meets monthly (or as the need strikes us) to talk about books selected by the active group members. Here’s the scoop for this book group:

  • Meet once-a-month (or there about).
  • Members select one book in advance of their assigned month.
    Each month is assigned circling through the member’s first name alphabetically.
  • The book selector presents the discussion questions if possible. If not, assign a proxy.

Book selection criteria:

  • At least five copies (typed or audio) at one or more public library.
  • One (preferably more) copy available at the Kalamazoo Public Library (they are our host).
  • Only select books that this group has not read together previously (see Book tab).
  • Preferably not mid-series.
  • Preferably under 300 pages.

Who can attend meetings:

  • Those who attempted to read the book AND are ready for spoilers.
  • Those who have read the book in the past.
  • Those who enjoy the author.
  • Those who want to read the book AND are ready for spoilers.

Locations to seek books and to purchase or borrow books:


One Response to “About Reading Range”

  1. Sherril Horwich Says:

    David Sedaris – a national treasure. I plan to be there on 13 April. I work until 6p; may be a bit late, but save me a seat! Sherril

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